If you sell a product or service, this is your powerhouse funnel. Capture your prospects’ attention with a landing page that highlights the primary value of your service, while drawing their attention to learn more. Take them through your features page and show off everything that makes you distinct from the crowd. Then bring them through pricing options, and confirm their order. Simple and powerful.

There’s not much more beautiful than a fully functional service funnel at work (especially when it’s your services that are being offered). That’s why we’ve given you this complete funnel, (and yes we mean COMPLETE) all for free. So, grab your download today and see how powerful this incredible tool can be for your business.

Powerful indeed, because we’ve given you the full funnel map in MarketPlan with full examples for every asset that you’ll use along the way (along with PROVEN ads with copy, and two entire TESTED email sequences with copy). Also, you have all of the To-Dos inside of MarketPlan, all of the complete pages (Landing, Features, Multi-Tiered Pricing and Confirmation), and all of the insider STRATEGIES to make this funnel start working for you. It’s simple.

Here’s a sneak peek of The Sales Funnel

Don’t go another day without utilizing the full effect of this funnel in your business!

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