Map and plan visually

For a congruent campaign that works, you need a congruent workspace that works for you. Take what used to be all over the place and organize it all into one space.

Customer journey visualized

Plan out your customers' paths from visitors to leads, and from sales to lifetime customers, and see their real progress every step of the way.

Acquire new customers

MarketPlan doesn't stop just at your own marketing. Launch clients' campaigns, pitch your agency services, market for businesses, and become the hub for all of your customers' marketing needs.

More than a mind map

Visualizing your campaign is just the beginning. Now everything thats in your head becomes your real-life workspace for you and for your team. No more miscommunication.

"Canvas and apps in MarketPlan help me think about the idea behind my strategy, the setup and scheduling of the amount of work you have ahead."

Diego F.

Agency Owner

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