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What you’re about to read on this page concerning what you can do with may sound too good to be true.

Rest assured, thousands of marketing pros just like you are already experiencing the benefits of using as their own digital marketing headquarters

What kind of benefits? …let’s take a look:

Planning Like a Pro

A clean, simple, and powerful canvas. Drag and drop your perfect funnel plan in place

Showing has always been better than telling.

Throw out the napkins, whiteboards and grade-school presentation tools. gives you an easier, more professional way to create beautiful marketing diagrams in a snap.Just click and drag icons onto the canvas and start connecting the pieces.In no time at all you’ll have a picture worth a thousand-bazillion words.

But there’s obviously WAY more to planning your marketing campaigns than just making a pretty picture! 

 Let’s talks numbers, shall we?

Add budgets, traffic, products and conversion rates to see projections of how your marketing plan will perform. This baby helps you and your clients stay in the black!

Imagine this as a selling tool when you’re on a call with your next potential client.Now that you have your diagram ready and your numbers sorted out, it’s time to get your client and your team members all on the same page… literally. 

 Invite users to your plan! lets you invite clients and team members as users to view and collaborate on your plan. Your Pro account comes with 10 user spaces! 

Just add them via their email addresses and decide if they are a simple user or an admin user on that project. At this stage you might be thinking “I already created the diagram and did the projections… Why do I need to invite people as users?” And the answer is simple… the planning isn’t over just yet. 

 Finally, get what you need from your clients!

Once you invite your client in as a user, you can give them tasks to complete. Things like: filling out company information, product/service information, scheduling calls, granting software access, handing over files, reviewing and approving… whatever you want, really. Client onboarding have never been easier. Of course, clients aren’t the only ones who have things to do. 

Plan the entire marketing campaign build (execution planning).

Assigning tasks to team members is nothing new but now those tasks have visual context.No more confusing lists and conversations in your project management software. Add tasks directly to an icon in your marketing plan by clicking on it. When a user has a task assigned to them, they will see a red circle in the upper left-hand corner of that icon showing the number of tasks assigned to them there.In the lower right-hand corner of the icon everyone will be able to see the percentage of tasks that are complete for that item. Simple and effective.

Building Like a Pro

Watch the progress.

As users mark tasks complete, you (and your client) can see the task completeness percentages go up on each item until finally being replaced by checkmark, indicating 100% completeness. 

Everything is inside the plan.

As your team works, they will be able to access everything they need from inside the plan.Things like: access to media, page copy, budgets and more…

Build the actual pages right inside your plan!

That’s right! Image you are the one tasked with building the pages. You see that you have tasks assigned to you on a page icon. You click the icon to open it.You then see pull in your page builder software and open right up to the page template that you have to customize.Awesome! Now you click on the notes section to see the copy and media files that you need to use.All the meta info, tracking codes, integration requirements etc. are all at your fingertips.You complete the page without ever even leaving Job done. Time saved. Everyone is happy.

Keeping Clients Like a Pro

Ongoing services

Whether you provide ongoing traffic services like ads, blogging, seo or social media management or you simply keep building and optimizing funnels, you can do it all from inside your project.

Reporting the Results

When you set your project live, will do the tracking for you… visually!Easily see how your funnel is performing at each conversion point.Identify problem areas and growth opportunities at a glance.

Saving Money Like a Pro

As you can see, is the perfect solution for running your entire marketing department and you will most likely be getting it at some point. That means that by getting it today, you will be saving money.

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What’s Possible…

Each feature of MarketPlan is crafted to help you more efficiently plan, execute, and optimize your marketing campaigns. 

Real-Time Mapping

Real-Time Collaboration

Real-Time Metrics

Marketing Congruence

Funnel Masterminding

Project Management 

10+ Marketing Mini-Apps

Funnel Projections

Funnel Plan Templates 

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