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We Got It Done!

Split Testing (for Live Mode)

The ability to split your traffic using MarketPlan links in 5% increments to give you even more control and optimization strategies to leverage using Live Mode!

You decide!

Make sure to upvote in the feature voting area for the features you want us to include into MarketPlan next. Your feedback tells us what is most important to you for us to focus on :).



The Future Looks Bright!

August 2019

Reduced Canvas Size

We’ve heard your feedback! We have changed the default zoom. Now it is out one level giving you more room to fit your crazy campaign ideas 🙂

Help Center Revamp

Cleaned up the Help center menu to have full simple access to our doc articles.

July 2019


Yepp… it’s here, the much anticipated LIVE MODE analytics to MarketPlan. This is definitely our biggest update/feature yet! For “Pro” and “Agency” level users, you can switch your plans to the “Live” toggle and track your campaigns using the MarketPlan tracking code. Based from the same Lossless Tracking tech from ConversionFly (including payment processor integrations for sales tracking), MarketPlan is able to provide accurate, reliable tracking that can be implemented in the matter of minutes.

March 2019

New Projections Tools

The former visitor and leads elements have now been replaced with these new projection elements. With MarketPlan’s smart logic, depending on the page type, MarketPlan will provide the proper number (or percentage) for you to fill in between steps of your plan. These will either be a defined number of visitors (required at least in the beginning of the traffic flow) or a conversion percentage of either visitors or sales. Following an order, or upsell page type, a sales projections element will be created. Inside there, you can set your individual product’s name, price, and conversion ratio.

Yes & No Lines

When connecting elements & modules, you now have the option to create a “yes” or a “no” line to help represent the flow of your traffic in your plan. These lines do affect projections.

Off/Clean Mode (no traffic elements view)

To help visually simplify the whiteboard for a client or yourself, an “Off” mode toggle is available at the top to remove traffic and conversion elements.

GTM Support for Tracking Code

The MarketPlan tracking code for Live Mode analytics is now Google Tag Manager compliant, allowing for easy global installation of the tracking code for GTM users.

Load Time Fix

Sped up the load time of the whiteboard and global kanban, especially with larger plans.

February 2019

Plan Sharing

By going to the share area at the top right of your whiteboard, you can get a shareable link for your plan that you can provide for whoever you want to be able to copy their own version of your plan.

Portal Module

This new module allows you to place a link that takes you to another MarketPlan plan within your account to your whiteboard, allowing for quick navigation and workflows.

Line Module

To help provide visual separation on the whiteboard, you can use the line module to draw straight lines at any angle.

Decision Element

Replacing the goal element, the decision element provides a visual representation for decision logic for traffic on the whiteboard. You can connect elements that either have made or have not made the decision this element represents in your plan.

Single Email Module

A more simple email module for a single email rather than a full sequence that you can quickly place and manage on your plan.

Client (View Only) Links

Dedicated client links are available for a client to visit a “view only” version of your plan. This replaces client user seats.

Renaming Modules from Whiteboard

By double-clicking on the name of a module from the whiteboard, you can now edit the title of the module.

Delete Saved Templates

A delete option is now available for your saved “My Templates” inside the whiteboard.

Merge Users/Clients

Rather than having separate seats for users and clients, by popular request, we have merged them, so that other features of MarketPlan can be used for client presentation rather than limiting plan permissions.

January 2019

Global Kanban

This fundamental change replaces the previous kanban module with a plan-wide kanban. This kanban allows you to see and manage all of your tasks assigned on other elements as well as kanban specific to-do cards. Additionally, a gantt-like timeline view is now inside this kanban displaying all cards that you have set time-frames for.

Connectors Update

You can now connect elements vertically as well as horizontally. Also, there is now a toggle option to make your lines dotted lines to represent alternate flows in your plans.

December 2018

Massive Workflow Updates!

Stay tuned! Next month’s release will be massive.

November 2018

Export Plans to PDF/JPG

Plans can now be exported to PDF or JPG. The export should take up only one page and automatically scales to size. Agencies have their own branding placed on the export.

Example Plans

There is now a dedicated project with your MarketPlan account called “Example Plans” where we will store example plan templates we have provided you to get a jump start on your planning.

Clone and Move Plans

From the projects view, you can clone whole plans and even click and drag plans to move them to other projects that are yours.

International Currency Support

We have added support for most major currencies for all money related elements.

October 2018

Manage and Save Templates

After selecting a group of elements, you can now right click and save those groups of elements as a template. You can load these templates in any plan you own later, allowing easy reuse of plans, or portions of plans you have created.

Click & Drag Multi-Select

By holding down the CTRL or CMD key and clicking and dragging on the whiteboard, you can now select multiple elements.

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