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The People Crazy Enough to Bring You

Ty Duran

MarketPlan, ConvertPages, ConversionFly, CEO

Ty is a passionate visionary who excels in leadership, research, and problem solving. From a creative background in music and design, he was brought under the wing of one of the top direct response marketers in the USA to build ConversionFly. During his experience of running and marketing ConversionFly, Ty noticed a few bottlenecks in online businesses' workflows and sought to solve those headaches. With a passionate team behind him, is now helping digital marketers all over the world.

Tyler Winter

MarketPlan, ConvertPages, ConversionFly, COO

Tyler is better known as "the glue". The required messy element to make all the pieces of a business stick together. However, the glue is non-toxic*, gluten-free, and organic (*Statement not evaluated by the FDA).


Lead MarketPlan Developer

Dedicated, creative, crazy fast, and questionably more than a mere human, Adam is responsible for coding and piecing together the you see today.

John Sr.

Lead ConversionFly Developer

John is the mad-man behind the advanced marketing metrics application, ConversionFly. Sleep is optional when it is most likely possible to get a tan from the many screens of John's workstation.


Lead ConvertPages Developer

You ever meet one of those people that can do just about anything, so you try to hide him from the world so that he stays with you?? If not, go away... he's ours. 

Simon is the brains behind the incredibly flexible ConvertPages conversion experience & funnel builder.

John Jr.

Lead Customer Success Team

John Jr. maintains the perfect balance of wit & attitude towards his dad (John Sr) while being one of the most attentive, kind, and effective support reps you can find. Behold the marveling sight of a truly functioning millennial.

Danielle Jane

Copy-Writer / Social Media Strategist

While content writing may sound boring, Danielle brings out the puns which either bring facepalms or uncontrollable laughter. Despite of the roulette of effective puns, Danielle's content remains consistently rock solid for our various channels.

Daniel Morris

Copy-Writer / Marketing Strategist

Daniel, having a background in public relations and creative writing, seems to be one of the few people who hold the ability to bring in just enough dad jokes to derail a copywriting session to the set the tracks of the train where it should have been the whole time.

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